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    News from Poland - November 2017

    2017 is behind us and the first steps we took in the Erasmus + project. From November, our students met several times and worked on the Edmodo portal network.

    In November, the task for pupils in the international Edmodo class was to develop interesting English vocabulary exercises for the youngest pupils, so that they could prepare for the Eco-Happy Kids competition. This competition will take place at our school on March 1st, 2018. (pupils from 9 schools will take part, at the age 9-10). The December task published by a Hungarian teacher, Szilvia Domok, was to make Christmas decorations from recycled materials. Your works, dear students, were very interesting and it turns out that you can create quite ingenious things.

    In November, we also worked on a "Green Slideshow". The students took up the following topics: smog, hurricane disaster in Suszek, floods, felling of trees in Bialowieza National Park. Presentations from all countries will be published as one of the project results on the Erasmus + Project Results Platform.

    On November 22nd for the first time we joined our partners using Skype. It was supposed to be a video conference connecting all 6 countries, but for technical reasons we managed to establish a connection simultaneously with Lithuania, Hungary and Portugal, and then individually with Estonia. The students could see each other, greet, tell what they were interested in.

    On November 29th Ms. Anna Ziemba - our Biology teacher conducted two laboratory classes in groups, during which students studied the quality of soil samples collected from various positions. Garden soil turned out to be rich in mineral salts, while samples collected close to roads had a worse structure and were acidic, which indicates their contamination. Practical classes are always more interesting and exciting, hopefully the first lessons learned at primary school will become the driving force for further development.

    Also youngest pupils joined the project activity. On November 8th they had interesting lessons on healthy food " Breakfast gives you power!". They learnt good habitsĀ  and how to prepare healthy meal made of local products.

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